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"If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month." - Theodore Roosevelt

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"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them." - Albert Einstein

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"An expert is a person who has found out, by his own painful experience, all the mistakes that one can make, in a very narrow field." – Niels Bohr


We’re able to get your project in front of the top AX talent.

Headhunters are ethically barred from recruiting out of the companies they recruit for.

All the large Recruiters work primarily for Microsoft, their Partners and VAR’s.  This is also where the majority of AX 2012 talent exists, which means that your project will never get seen by the top talent.  Because AXxperts doesn’t recruit for Microsoft or any of their VAR’s, there’s nothing stopping us from tapping the best talent pools for your implementation / customization project.


Save millions by implementing AX 2012 inhouse

Aren’t you tired of Consultants being educated on your dime?  Being  just 1 page further along in the manual than your in-house team yet still charging an outrageous premium?  

How much can you save by bringing your AX 2012 implementation in-house.  One data point is a successful in-house AX implementation, that cost less than $2 million, compared to a quote of $7 million from a Dynamics AX Gold VAR.


Supplementing your inhouse Technical AX 2012 team

Our goal is to work with you, not just for you.  We strive to supplement your in-house team by Fixed Price bidding on your customization’s / modifications using our AX 2012 Techno-Functional experts, or by recruiting for you Permanent or Contract AX 2012 resources.  We only work with AX customers.

You risk nothing, except 30 minutes of your time, to see if we can find you a better candidate than all your other options.  

About Us

We are passionate about building a Company focused on AX 2012. That is our niche, that is where we believe the need to be greatest.

Our focus is SME’s implementing AX 2012.  We bring experience, technical excellence and a passion for doing the right thing so that we delight our customers.  As experienced developers we have experienced the mayhem and energy of a start up and the processes and structure of Fortune 50 companies.  We are both older and wiser because of this.

Any ERP implementation is risky, expensive and dangerous.  AX 2012 is most definitely not AX 2009.  If you try implementing it based on your AX 2009 experience it increases your risk.  AXxperts can help you manage your risk.

  • The Devil is in the Detail

    Sometimes the most difficult modifications seem easy.  Our in depth knowledge of the AX 2012 code base as well as experience means we have a better chance of seeing the potential roadblocks early.  Our desire to under commit and over deliver means we will have built in a safety margin also.

  • Your Time is Precious.

    We are based in the US so there will be no lag in providing feedback or delivering support.  The lead developer will be on your site on your go live date.  We are committed to working with you not just for you.

  • 🚀


    A modification only works when it can handle real world conditions and issues.  No matter how good it looks if it can’t handle peak volumes then it is worthless.  We understand that and design for that.

  • A single Cog in a huge engine

    We stress the sheer size of AX 2012.  5 million lines of code is enormous.  That is why Techno-Functional Developers can make such a positive impact on your AX 2012 project.

Intrigued but skeptical?  We understand.  Do you have a well defined, small, modification that we could code for FREE?

Past Projects we have completed

Improvements with Master planning algorithm to improve performance and accuracy. The changes brought about a performance increase of 2x and improved the scheduling accuracy. This project was for a large textile equipment manufacturer.

Trouble shooting performance issues with sales tax calculation.

Upgrade from previous versions to Ax 2009.

AX 2009 Master Planning Algorithm / Performance Issues
AX 2009 Master Planning Algorithm / Performance IssuesProduction

Trouble shooting performance issues and feature improvement to Project Invoicing.

Extending purchase requisition workflow to better suit the  client needs.

AX 2012 Performance Issues
AX 2012 Performance IssuesProject Invoicing

What others say about us

We need someone to give us our chance.  We are passionate about proving that we can design and code superior modifications if given the chance.  Our track record testifies to our ability.  But without you, our first and most important customer nothing good can happen.

The team that gave us our Big Break
The team that gave us our Big BreakERP Implementation Team

Getting our 2nd customer through a word of mouth recommendation will be a major milestone for us.  We won’t have arrived but we will be at the departure gate.

Our 2nd Customer
Our 2nd CustomerCEO

Why work with AXxperts?

  1. You will save money and avoid headaches.
  2. We are AX 2012 experts.
  3. We write fixed price contracts
  4. All our key resources are US based and work authorized.

Are you ready to give us our Big Break?

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